Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Tai Chi, or “Great Ultimate,” is a form of internal martial art cultivating the mind, body and spirit. It is an excellent exercise, using slow movement, shifting of weight and deep natural breathing. In Tai Chi we emphasize relaxation, proper posture and gentle motion, thus minimizing wear and tear on the body.

Qi Gong is a skill in cultivating the life energy called Qi. It combines breathing exercises, body postures and mental focus for improved energy, health and harmony.

Regular Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice has been proven to bring many health benefits: it strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, increases energy and improves balance, to name a few.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are very safe to practice and suitable for people of all ages. They are good for athletes who want to improve their performance, as well as for physical therapy patients.