Sifu Rafal Brzozowski

I was born and grew up in Poland. After moving to Long Beach in 1995, I began studying martial and healing arts with Master Richard Tsim, the Founder of Lau Kune Do—“Way of the Flowing Fist.” In 2001, I opened a branch in Santa Barbara, with the goal of creating a Martial Arts Temple, a place to train students and build a supportive community of practitioners.
Since then, I’ve worked with students of all ages and abilities to acquire and refine not only practical fighting and defense skills, but to develop self-discipline, mind-body harmony and purpose. Students are able to push past personal limits, attain mastery and gain the confidence to realize goals within and beyond the temple.

Our Lau Kune Do temple is a place where students can grow as martial artists and as human beings.

Lau Kune Do founder and Sigung (Grandmaster) Richard Tsim, with Sifu Rafal Brzozowski. For more on Lau Kune Do’s history, philosophy and lineage, please visit

Lau Kune Do means “the Way of the Flowing Fist.” The goal is to flow like water: remaining soft and yet being able to explode with a burst of energy. Water can penetrate and reach where hardness cannot. The Way of the Flowing Fist can adapt in moments of survival, knowing when to yield and when to press with force.

Lau Kune Do is a unique blend of traditional Chinese martial arts. Students gain the passion and commitment to perfect their skills and themselves, one day at a time.